Saturday, July 16, 2011

Here is a little of what we've been up to...

Chloe got herself and Wyatt all dressed up and came out to show me. He was a doll dressed up in that long, floofy, sparkly skirt, and he seemed to know it as he sashayed up and down the deck!

At the pool at the campground where we stayed for the 4th.

Ready, set, go!

Wyatt mostly enjoyed following Emmett around telling him,"na,no" and trying to take everything away from him (he finally found someone he can pull rank on!)

DeAnne brought some really cute 4th of July cookies for the kids to decorate!

Hope you don't mind Deanna that I'm posting this, but it is sooo cute of Emmett!

Wyatt took his first tube ride with daddy.

Fancy sand castle!

The gang, ready to roll! Wyatt 2, Cody 7, Emmett 1, Ashlyn 9, Eli 3, Caleb 5, Chloe 5

Go Shane!

The mama's: DeAnne, Deanna, and me.

Here we are on a rainy, but warm summer day (as opposed to the rainy and cold summer day we are having today :( Books on CD, healthy cheetos, and hot chocolate on the porch!

Chloe is very interested lately in writing and drawing!

Auntie Deanna, Eli, and Emmett came to visit us!

Here is Wyatt and Eli going for a drive.

Snuggles and comics on Sunday afternoon.

Emmett put a half a banana in his mouth and then barely had room to chew!

Chloe got Eli all dressed up... I'm not sure, but this may have been Eli's first time to wear black patent leather mary jane's! :) We laughed and laughed!

Daddy bought Chloe a real guitar!

Chloe and Wyatt decided it was time to wash their car!

Our friends that moved away came back to visit! Chloe, Ava, and Wyatt with the beloved chickens. (I highly recommend chickens as an easy care, low maintenance, pet that has brought hours of enjoyment for the children and fresh eggs as a bonus!)

My little sis got married!

Matthew and Melissa (what a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple!)

Emmett was very handsome!

Eli, Chloe, and Brenna having a little pre-wedding chat.

Mom pinning on Dad's flower before the wedding.

Grandma and Chloe waiting for us to get our hair done.

The night before the wedding, Matt and Melissa gave the kids gifts for being in the wedding. Chloe was mighty pleased with hers!

Wyatt and Emmett having breakfast.


Food coloring in water painted on paper towels.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

One girl band
Bob the Builder (it's all about trucks when it comes to Wyatt!) He talks about trucks all day long and prefers books about trucks!

Daddy and Chloe making music together in the evening.

Very sweet of Chloe and her Great Grandma.

Chloe and her cousin Brenna who is only 6 months older.

Chloe was very excited when she opened this gift from Uncle Dan and Auntie Jeanne (it was something she had mentioned several times to Auntie Jeanne that she really wanted).

Wyatt doing one of his all time favorite things!

I made my little man a special little hot chocolate and he really enjoyed it!

Chloe and some of her guests at her 5th Birthday party.

Hard to believe she's already 5!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cute Chloeism

Wyatt is sick with a stuffed up and yet very runny nose and cough, so I have been putting vicks vapor rub on his chest. Chloe has not seen me do this, so she keeps saying to me,"Wyatt has a minty cough!"

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hawaii 2011

This was right before we flew to Kauai.
This was right before we had to wake the kids up to go to the airport to fly home.
Wyatt chillin in the shade of our patio.
Chloe and a random friend she made.
Breakfast at Joe's on the green.
These are not so good of Jeff.... but very cute of Chloe, so I posted them!!

Buddy-boy and me at Keoki's
Yummm... Shave ice with icecream on the bottom!
Very cute one of Wyatt!

Mr. Sandman
Little toes in the sand
Chloe catches a wave! There were also a lot of turtles swimming just a little ways out at this beach, so Chloe and Jeff went out there and swam with them!!
Let's go boogie boarding Daddy!
Wyatt didn't like going out much farther than this, but he did enjoy playing in the sand!
The view from our back door.

Sunday AM

This parrot said Aloha!

The maintenance fees are worth it once you get there!!
A morning stroll.
Love this picture! Sweet, sweet memories of a wonderful trip and of times spent in that beautiful place with others who are dear to us, in days gone by.